Startup - Lifespeeed

Role: Director of User Experience (in StartUp terms: Unicorn)

What were we trying to solve?

Lifespeed is a startup dedicated to creating a user-centric healthcare platform that allows users to personalize their health story.

My role was Director of User Experience. In a startup, this means End-to-End Designer. I created wireframes, personas, task flows, navigation taxonomy, low and high fidelity mockups and marketing newsletters.


User Research revealed three main pain points that users have while dealing with their medical records:

  • Receiving personal and family medical records
  • Organization
  • Access and sharing

UX Research and Task Mapping

User research identified the user groups that would benefit from our application and based on this discovery. I developed three personas. We focused on a single persona for MVP.

Rapid iterations and Task Mapping allowed me to opportunities for feature .

Task Mapping

Interaction Design

Using low-fidelity prototypes and wireframes, I conducted usability testing and collaborated with the team on development.


High-Fidelity Mockups

Upon iterating the prototypes with the whole team, I created the high-fidelity mockups.

The problem we were solving was how the users would upload/receive and manage their personal records, as well as the records of their "dependants"

At this point, Product Owners decided to focus on the other end user of Lifespeed suite of products - the doctors. Note that we had not conducted any research with doctors or hospitals and were relying solely on SMEs inputs.

In a shift of direction, after attending a startup incubator, the founders wanted to create a CMS for hospital communications.

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Marketing Design

I also to created some newsletters samples, that would cater to the Provider's CRM.

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Lessons Learned

Lifespeed went out of stealth mode in May 2015. The team was following the founder product vision, but we all got lost in the product strategy. In July 2015 the co-founders were invited to participate in the Healthbox program, for entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. This was a pivoting moment for Lifespeed as the founders decided to create a different product, focusing on Hospitals.

In October 2015 our small team was dismantled 😢due to a lack of funding.

In April 2016 Lifespeed received $15,000,000 in funding. Our efforts were not wasted, however, as in July 2016 Lifespeed launched their mobile app in iTunes.

In hindsight, as a UX Designer, I would have been more assertive on the needs for further research and more rapid iterations.

Co-Founders - Healthbox
(Photo courtesy of co-founders)

Co-Founders - Healthbox