Role: Sr. UI/UX Software Engineer / Designer

DealerSocket is one of the leaders in the Automobile Dealership applications, providing a complete solution for everything related to Automobile dealers.

I was their first Sr. UX Designer. I build an expert Design team, implemented Design Processes and System and trained Engineers on Responsive Design and Design Patterns. I also re-designed some features and created an app that increased ROI, retention of team and customer satisfaction.


There were several goals for my position. The main ones were:

  • Refresh the existing applications, making them responsive and help DealerSocket grow into a world-class platform.
  • Build and coach an excelling Design team while being hands-on.
  • Use legacy design and code to eliminate and troubleshoot user experiences pain points.

  • Old DealerSocket


    Case Study - Revenue Radar

    Revenue Radar was one of the promises for revenue generators when I started at DealerSocket. It was also a source of a high volume of customer complaints and a low number of adoption among car salespeople and sales managers.

    Goals for my role included to increase the number of adoptions, reduce friction points, improve usability and refresh user interface.

    My goal was to meet users and conduct contextual inquiries, interviews and use data analysis from Customer Experience (CX) to find out what were the entry points for problems and how to fix them.

    The unknown problem surfaced during research: the most important screen of the application – Ping Details - was hidden in a pop-up.

    Old Ping Details

    Old Ping Details

    Rapid Iteration Sessions

    Through contextual observation, I also discovered how the users would Interact with the Ping Details. I found out that:

    • New users didn’t know how to get to this screen.
    • It was hard for users to find information on the screen.
    • Users wanted to be able to perform all tasks in one place.
    • Users are not always close to their computers when talking to a customer (a lot of them would get up and walk around the room while talking on the phone).

    I used rapid iteration with users and stakeholders to find solutions for identified needs and to generate new UI ideas.

    Rapid Iteration Sessions

    Task Mapping & Rapid Sketches

    I used task mapping to create new application flows and drew rapid sketches to understand architecture.

    User Flows
    Rapid Sketches

    High-Fidelity Prototypes

    I designed high-fidelity prototype iterations.

    Ping Details Iteration


    The result of all iterations was a refreshed user interface, with Ping Details being a unique page. Customer information was moved to the left and Ping (Sales lead details) on the right. Big bold and colored stats are easy to scan. Salespeople can perform all tasks in one place.

    Accomplishments were:

    •  Increased sales of Revenue Radar - Revenue
    • Adoption by users – Increased Productivity
    • Decreased customer calls – Customer Satisfaction

    New Ping Details