Startup - Lifespeeed

Role: Director of User Experience (in StartUp terms: Unicorn)

Lifespeed is startup dedicated to create a user centric healthcare platform that allowed users to personalize their health story.

What were we trying to solve?

Our budget didn't allow us to an extensive and comprehensive UX process, but we were luck to have an independent User Research firm to conduct market analysis and interview. The results revealed three main issues that users have while dealing with their medical records:

  • Receiving personal and family medical records
  • Organization
  • Access and sharing

UX Development

User research also identified the user groups that would benefit from our application and based on this discovery, three personas were developed.

Most of our collaboration was done remotely. When we were in the office, we would mostly whiteboard and do rapid iterations to find the solutions we were looking for. Here's a CX Journey Map board that I put together.

Based on the persona we were targeting for MVP, we invited Focus groups to our office and conducted interviews to brush up additional questions to problems we were trying to solve, This also helped us to keep the Users as the center of our focus.

Collaborating with the stakeholders (Founders, Product Owners, Developers, and Users) I created lo-fi prototypes. Here are a few of them.

Upon iterating the prototypes and improving them at each iteration, I put my Visual designer hats on and created hi-fi comps.

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More design

As in any startup, I was wearing many hats and helped also to create some newsletters samples, that would cater for the Provider's CRM.

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Success stories and lessons learned

Our small team didn't live to see the launching of the application we worked with so much passion due to funding reasons.

We are still connected and some of us are working together again. We took this great experience as a learning lesson on focus and usability.

Fortunately, after some soul searching, re-branding and hard work, the founders were able fund and launch the app in 2016. You can check their app at iTunes or check their website.