Intuit XD Team

Role: Senior UX Designer/XD (Contractor), Interaction Designer

Intuit is a User Centered SaaS company and the Design Studio is comprised of researchers, IA, Prototypers, Interaction, and Visual Designers.

Each individual contributor works on a specialty and we all collaborated on the other processes, by participating on usability test sessions, debriefings, design reviews, interaction design and prototyping.

My role was Sr. UX Designer/XD


The goal was to collaborate with Researchers, Product Managers and Designers to define and deliver new features, test new concepts and assist with final implementation.


I used storyboards, wireframes and mood boards to assist on the development of my prototypes, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the working model to be used during usability tests and implementation.

Turbo Tax Prototype


The impact of this work can be seen by the TurboTax adoption by 10’s of millions of users.

Here are some keys that make TurboTax a delightful experience:

  • It motivates users by goals, not tasks.
  • It personalizes users experience and uses crafted microcopy.
  • It automates and eliminates friction points and keep users focused.
  • It shows progress towards goals and reengage users by email.

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